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TGS 08: Quantum Theory confirmed as PS3 exclusive


Out of all the possible answers relating to platform exclusivity inquiries, a simple "yes" is easily the most difficult one to extract. This did not prove to be the case with Tecmo's Makoto Shibata, however, who calmly assured us that Tecmo's upcoming third-person shooter, the cryptically named Quantum Theory, is indeed exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

The Team Tachyon director, who candidly described the game as Japan's answer to titles like Gears of War, is sticking to the predominantly Western genre's "basics," while making sure that his country's "skills and talent are incorporated." You'll note that the game's art employs a more expanded color palette, though not at the expense of unfeasibly enormous biceps. The traditional, post-apocalyptic environment is augmented here by a striking "living tower," a labyrinthine structure that the game's protagonist and his occasional female foil must traverse and ultimately defeat.

Taking a page corner from Fracture, Shibata noted that the "shape-shifting" environments within the tower would constantly change in real time, either providing new cover or creating unexpected dangers. With the game not being due until late 2009, however, we were unable to see this feature in practice. But at least that leaves plenty of time to tweak the game's name. In response to our suggestion to incorporate the word "tower" to better highlight the game's oblong villain, Shibata joked that it would ultimately be inappropriate for the tower-less sequel.

... He was joking, right?

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