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Newest Daedalus Project research highlights genre appeal

Michael Zenke

The Daedalus project is the most important research project into MMO player demographics in the world. Run by the unflappable Nick Yee, it's a fantastic look into the minds of MMO guild leaders, female players, old players, young players, and everyone in between. Past Daedalus articles have tackled issues like playing with romantic partners, the willingness of players to buy gold online, and the importance of achieving goals in a virtual setting.

The newest round of research delves into some fascinating stuff. Probably this round's most interesting data surrounds genre preferences. Have you ever wondered how much people want to play super-hero games vs. sci-fi titles? Whether guys want to play vampires, or whether girls want to play vampire hunters online? All of these questions and more are addressed in the Game Choices article in this round of the Project. Plus! Find out how the demographics of guilds pan out, what the thought process is behind character creation, preferences in class role, and the logic behind choosing a 'main character'. Check it out!

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