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Confirmed: Girls and booze at Tecmo TGS party


Tecmo's John Inada took the stage, welcoming video game journalists who had made the long journey to Tokyo Game Show. He was obviously a little intoxicated, spilling a bit of wine from his glass as he swayed around. TGS was over, he told us, wanting us to take a break and relax with some free food.

The evening was filled with a number of strange "jokes" about the troubled state of Tecmo, which includes its former star developer, Itagaki, initiating a lawsuit against it. One of the most awkward moments of the evening came from Inada's comment about over-the-top gifts made by publishers to journalists. "If you don't know who I am," he said, "then you probably haven't accepted one of my gifts, as they're called by some guy named after something I put on my stinky feet."

That joke left the room a little silent. But that silence wasn't meant to last long. Shortly afterward, Tecmo's Yoh Watanabe took the stage to once and for all put an end to the rumors of Tecmo's outlandishness. "Tecmo has been accused of plying the media with booze and girls," he said. "Well, it's true!"

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