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BlizzCon 2008: The comedy of the closing ceremony

Kevin Kelly

BlizzCon offered up not one but two, Two, TWO comedians for the price of one at the closing ceremonies. We knew Patton Oswalt would be performing, but were weren't aware he'd have a warm-up act. As far as our experience with comedy goes (which is basically reading Ludwig's and Justin's posts), opening acts normally suck. And even though he dresses like a lumberjack and looks much older than the 31 his MySpace page claims, Kyle Kinane was funny as well.

Head after the jump to listen to the full comedy stylings of both Patton and Kyle after the break. You may never go commando in corduroy pants again.

Here's a shot of Kyle Kinane. He might not look like much, but his account of trying to come up with a way to barbecue over an active volcano as an example of insomnia is hilarious. Listen to his set in the audio player just below, or by clicking here.

Here's a shot of Patton Oswalt making fun of a sour-pussed audience member. The guy didn't seem to be having a good time.

As proof, here's the face of the man he was making fun of. Does this look like the face of a man a BlizzCon? Mere steps away from Disneyland, the happiest place on earth?

One of Patton's "first geek jokes ever" was visual, so here that one for you:

Spider-Man in Minnesota, trying to get to get downtown to help people. Oops, no buildings.

Spidey's solution.

And lastly, here's what happened to Patton after playing Sonic for six hours straight. We've all been there. Game too long, blood doesn't flow through your legs, you suddenly get up to cross the floor, and you collapse. Boy, that can't be healthy.

Check out Patton's full BlizzCon closing comedy set below, or by clicking here. BlizzCon ends tonight, but we'll have even more highlights and goodies tomorrow, so skip church and stay tuned.

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