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TGS 08: RE5, SFIV, White Knight, more to support PS3 Trophies


We're still recovering from our trip to TGS (in fact, we're still here in Tokyo). However, we thought you'd appreciate this list of new games which will definitely be supporting Trophies when they release on the PS3. Big first-party and third-party titles can be found on this list:
  • Demon's Soul
  • Derby Time Online
  • Gomibako
  • Quantum Theory
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Street Fighter IV
  • White Knight Chronicles
  • Yakuza 3
Unfortunately, the status of other big PS3 games, like Final Fantasy XIII, is still TBD. To check out the full list of Trophy-supported games on PS3, don't forget to check out our Trophy Portal.

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