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LeapFrog's Crammer makes flash cards antiquated, is perfectly named

Darren Murph

Alright kids, it's time for honesty. Here's a tidbit your 3rd-grade teacher isn't about to admit, but he / she and everyone else in the world crams for tests. Sorry, we know you totally believed that each and every noble student dutifully set aside hours per day to prepare for that big final, but in reality, every kid in your classroom just got on the study train a few hours ago. To that end, LeapFrog has concocted a perfectly named study aid dubbed the Crammer ($59.99; available now), which enables kids to "quickly navigate more than 16,000 mathematics, social studies and science quiz questions based on leading school textbooks." Additionally, students can create customized digital flash cards for on-the-go cramming, and the built-in Spanish translator even gives you an edge in the foreign language department. Seriously, where was this at when we were using abacuses and carving English reports into stone tablets?

[Via PopGadget]

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