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One last chance to run Onyxia's key quest

Mike Schramm

Reader Blinger wrote in to remind us that if patch 3.0.2 does, as expected, go live on the servers tomorrow, tonight will be your last chance (for the foreseeable future) to see one of the best quests in the game, the Alliance Onyxia key quest, featuring Marshall Windsor's valiant walk through Stormwind to confront the deceiving and treacherous dragon. He's hosting a final viewing of the quest tonight on Khaz'goroth at 9:30pm Central, so if you've never seen it go down (and it is cool), you may want to stop by and check it out.

In fact, why don't we try to make this a worldwide event? If you have the quest ready to do (or can get ready in the next few hours), why don't we say that at 10:30pm Eastern/9:30pm Central this evening, you can run the quest and let everyone in Stormwind on your realm see just what happens when Marshal Windsor runs out of bubblegum. There's quite a bit of prep work to do, unfortunately, so maybe not every realm will have someone ready to run the quest. But you can use the comments below to coordinate -- sure, everyone could jump onto Khaz'goroth to see Blinger do it, but it would be even more awesome to have every realm experience an unmasking of their own, because tomorrow, it might not be able to happen again.

And of course, if you check out this or any other player-run events, be sure to let us know about it (with pictures if possible, we love pictures). It's always awesome to hear players finding new (or in this case, old) ways to experience the game together.

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