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VC Monday Madness: Secret of Mana and Street Fighter II Champion Edition


What a week for the Virtual Console, eh? We've got some classic 2D rumblin' and one of the greatest games ever made. Can you guess how I feel about Secret of Mana yet? Well, if you're looking for a clue, hit up the video above, then cruise past the break for more on this week's Virtual Console releases.

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (Sega Genesis, 1-2 players, 800 Points)
Wii Fanboy says: do not download

This version of Street Fighter II fails mostly because it has the worst sound ever. I'm sorry to harp so much on it for that, but come on. The sound is so bad, it makes me want to jam rusty nails into my ears as far as they'll go. I'd suggest picking up Super Street Fighter II for the SNES. It's the same price, has all of the same characters (plus more!) and won't make your ears bleed.

Secret of Mana (SNES, 1-3 players, 800 Points)
Wii Fanboy says: download it right now! RIGHT NOW!

What can I say about Secret of Mana? It's one of the greatest games ever made and one of the most memorable experiences of my life. If you've never experienced it, take a weekend off and dive right in. You won't regret it.

Each week, we here at Wii Fanboy like to check out the latest Virtual Console releases in our VC Monday Madness feature, in the hopes that you can make the most sound decision possible regarding purchasing retro titles from the Wii Shop Channel. If you're looking for more retro goodness, check out Virtually Overlooked, which talks about games that should be on the Virtual Console.

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