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Bright House bigwig acknowledges complaints about Mystro Digital Navigator

Darren Murph

Finally, someone inside sees the light. According to quotes from a recent interview with Craig Saari, Bright House's senior director of engineering, he realizes that the Mystro Digital Navigator is patently awful, though he doesn't really have a good reason why Passport was ditched in favor of something that is almost universally despised. After the aforesaid software was rolled out en masse last week in Central Florida, hordes of customers are yelping that more functionality has been lost than gained, and even Saari confessed that the Mystro is much slower to respond to remote inputs. All that being true, the question beckons: "Why?" Why on Earth are providers like BHN and Time Warner Cable switching out the antiquated (but perfectly usable) Passport application for something that's entirely worse? We suppose we'll never know the truth, but at least BHN customers have someone, somewhere working to make things better. Or so they say.

Update: So it's possible the new software was implemented for tru2way support. Makes sense, but it doesn't ease the pain of suckage.

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