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Customize your Flip Mino for free, regret it when eBay time comes

Darren Murph

For whatever reason, Pure Digital's Flip Mino has been a runaway hit. The video quality ain't that great, and it's downright bad in low-light scenarios, but there's something about the convenience factor that keeps folks coming. Now, there's one more reason to give this one a look over rivals: personalization. Thanks to a new partnership with CafePress, prospective buyers can customize their Flip Mino with a design of their own or choose one from thousands of professional designs, and contrary to what you're expecting, the service is completely free. In other words, you can finally get that pocket camcorder you've been wanting with your 2-week old girlfriend (or you skateboarding) plastered on there for not a dime more -- but who'll be laughing when it comes time to sell and upgrade?

[Via Switched]

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