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DIRECTV2PC launches in beta form, brings HD recordings to your local PC

Darren Murph

It's no HDPC-20 PC tuner, but it is a new way for DirecTV subscribers to enjoy content. As of now, the DIRECTV2PC beta has been opened, giving mettlesome souls the ability to stream HD recordings from their DirecTV Plus HD DVR receiver to a connected PC in the home. Unfortunately, this isn't a Slingbox-type application, as the programming can only be slung within your local (read: home) network, but thankfully, high-def recordings are transmitted as high-def. You'll need a potent PC to play things back smoothly, and you can watch shows on your PC while live or recorded shows are being viewed on the TV. Have any of you given this a go? If so, drop in your initial impressions below.

[Via SatelliteGuys, thanks Vanbrothers]

Update: Seems the link still isn't working -- c'mon DirecTV, what gives?

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