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Dirty disc drive lens? Nintendo has your back


Reasons not to smoke:

  1. Increased risk of lung cancer, high blood pressure, bronchitis, emphysema.
  2. It smells.
  3. Wii lens damage!!1!
Rather than lecture you on the first two (because hey, they're your lungs, bucko), we want to concentrate on the latter. Back in February, Japanese gamers reported that Wiis were having trouble reading newly purchased copies of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Nintendo's intervention was swift, with the company blaming dirty console lenses -- Brawl was the first Wii game to release on a dual-layered DVD, and therefore especially sensitive to this issue.

Nintendo's first practical solution was ... not so swift. As in, it just came out now. The Wii Lens Cleaner Set is available to order on Nintendo's Japanese site for ¥800 (around $8) or Play-Asia for a tenner. It should leave your console lens sparkling and your Brawl career resurgent. Whadd'ya mean everyone plays Mario Kart now? Hush!


[Via Kotaku]

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