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Go! Go! Firmware 2.50 now available to download


Looks like you're going to have to manually select Network Update for this one again, folks. Firmware 2.50 is now available for your PS3 and it includes these features:
  • The [BD/DVD Settings] option under [Settings] has been renamed as [Video Settings]
    Also, multiple video content items can be now played in order. You can edit this option in [Video Settings] -> [Sequential Playback]
  • A scene search feature has been added to the [Video] category. You can easily select a scene that you want to watch. This feature can be accessed from [Scene Search] in the control panel that is displayed during video playback.
  • The [Sign Up for PlayStation Network] and [Account Management] options have been improved. You an now create and manage an account more easily.
  • A feature has been added that allows the PS3 system or wireless controller to turn off automatically when not used for a certain period of time. You can set this feature in [Settings] -> [Power Save Settings]
Additionally, the firmware update adds Flash 9 support, so you can actually watch videos on the and our site when browsing on your PS3. It also gives you a free unicorn.* Download it now!

[Thanks, to everyone that sent this in!]
* Not true.

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