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Massively in Metropolis: Paper isn't play

Michael Zenke

During our lengthy look at SOE Austin's in-development game, we asked a followup question about DC Universe Online's concept of factions. Called causes, we've already outlined for you what we know about them in our discussion of making friends with Superman. Our innocent question, though, netted an interesting response from SOE Austin Creative Director Chris Cao that we think is highly indicative of the studio's outlook on game-making.

Chris Cao:
We always like to have someone play something instead of just talking about it. It's not a laziness thing, it's a clarity thing. That's why we started with this public event. The hardest thing to do in an MMO is to make an event that everyone can participate in, within a shared world. Arbitrary number of players, arbitrary space ... we tackled this hardest part first because we wanted to show we could do it.

As we put each of these components in, we can show it to you so that you can really understand what we're doing. We can give you an explanation, but it just wouldn't be the same. We put the factions in because we know it's important to be able to make decision about what kind of hero you are. We want the flavor of both the Batman vigilante hero and the Superman boy scout hero. Having made a few of these MMOs now, I'd rather not promise all sorts of things specifically. I'd rather just show you when we have something to show you. Paper isn't play.

Did you enjoy this? We've donned our capes and tights to explore SOE's DC Universe Online in-depth. Come explore more of Metropolis and Gotham with your friends at Massively!

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