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Sherwood BDP-5003 Blu-ray player delayed until November


All those eagerly awaiting the Sherwood's lower end Blu-ray offering, the BDP-5003, must readjust their October launch expectations by one month. Unfortunately, at $299, a pretty standard Bonus View equipped player doesn't really scream "value" to us -- unless compared to similar high price marques like the Integra DBS-6.9, but with a LG BD300 for only $50 more and the Panasonic DMP-BD35 at the same price, it's hard to justify. The 5.1-analog packing big brother BDP-6003 failed to impress at CEDIA, but if 1080p24, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA output via HDMI have you interested, punch the read link (warning: PDF) and let us know if we missed anything.

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