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Verizon's CTO speaks on DTV transition, FiOS TV and IPTV migration

Darren Murph

Verizon has been expanding its FiOS TV footprint at a pretty regular clip, but that's not all the telco has up its sleeve for the future. In a recent interview with Telephony, the outfit's CTO, Mark Wegleitner, explained that Verizon was looking to add more SD and HD channels as the transition to digital TV continued. Granted, that's no different than most every other programming provider out there, but it's good to know Verizon has additional HD on the brain. Speaking about IPTV migration, he explained that the company was "moving toward IPTV in the interactive VOD world and digital QAM in the broadcast world." Sure, the subject matter here is pretty technical, but if you're geeked out by what you've already heard, hit the read link for lots more where this came from.

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