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Warner Bros. gives green light for DivX distribution

Darren Murph

Remember when DivX was a format only understood by the hardcore BitTorrent users and P2P mavens who shared low-quality videos online? No more. DivX is stamping its name on all manners of devices these days, and now it's getting in with the always-guarded content providers. Today, DivX and Warner Bros. have announced that the studio's material will soon be available for distribution in the DivX format, meaning that any DivX Certified consumer electronics device could play it back. The pact is similar to the one signed with Sony Pictures Television and Sony Pictures Television International, though not everything is particularly peachy. Content will be available in SD DivX as of this month, but HD DivX won't be streaming until September of 2009. Ah well, at least we've a date to hold 'em to.

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