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Who would you take Home? Chris Redfield or Chun-Li?

Alan Tsang

When PlayStation Home launches later this year, you won't have to choose.

Capcom, one of new publishers for Home announced earlier this week, is showing off the content they'll be providing. We've got four videos for you right after the jump -- the first one begins with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono explaining the content for Home. But even if your foreign language skills are limited, you can still enjoy seeing Chun-Li do her famous victory jump. Chris Redfield makes an appearance in the second video, but it seems like his Home incarnation doesn't hit the gym quite as often. The Gran Turismo 5 demo showcases a couple racing pods (check out a variation of it here) for your virtual pad. Lastly, Sony recreated their TGS booth in Home at the company's press conference. All four videos after the break.

[Via MaxConsole]

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