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Metareview: Sam and Max: Season One


Sam and Max: Season One has finally released on the Wii. We've been talking about the duo coming to the Wii for some time now. Has the wait been worth it? There haven't been that many reviews yet, so we'll keep updating this post when they come in. But, that's not to say a few outlets haven't tossed their two cents in. So, without further delay, let's get to the scores.
  • 1UP (67/100) explains you'll need lots of patience to get through this one: "The game's still fun and unusual, and it's worth checking out if only to enjoy some of the more clever writing in gaming. But don't forget your patience -- you'll need lots."
  • Game Informer (70/100) found the gameplay to be lacking: "When the laughter dies and some of the jokes fall flat, however, Sam & Max teeters as its gameplay is unable to support much interest for some stretches." [Sept 2008, p.105]
  • Nintendo Power (70/100) says the game isn't really that funny: "There are moments of genuine hilarity, but the humor too often feels overwrought or simply falls flat." [Oct 2008, p.89]


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