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One Shots: Atop the cliffs

Perhaps it's just us, but when this screenshot came in, one of the first reactions was "Wow, can you imagine bungee jumping off of there?" Okay, so we of the Massively crew are an admittedly fun-loving lot, but the note that came in with today's One Shots was equally as impressed with the heights shown in this screen. Neurose from the Dark Crag open-RvR server in Warhammer Online sent this in to us along with the following: A few mates and I have been hitting the 15th and 16th chapters in Empire Tier 4 -- Reikland recently. During this time we passed what seems to be the most awe-inspiring spot in Reikland, and from my personal experience, what could be the coolest structure in all of the empire zones. We took a professional photo in lieu of this moment, and I have got to say.. its pretty bangin'.

Are you equally as impressed by heights? If so, why not show us some of the towering structures in your favorite game. We're always on the lookout for art and architecture in different games, and we know we can't possibly have seen it all already. So grab some screens of your favorite buildings and send them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name/server/guild and a quick description of what we're seeing. We'll post them here and give you the credit for it!

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