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Video showcases new CoX powersets for Issue 13

Adrian Bott

The two new powersets in City of Heroes Issue 13: Power and Responsibility are Pain Domination and Shield Defense. Pain Domination finally gives Villains a dose of the healing and buffing power that Heroes had with the Empathy set, but with a potent offensive edge. Shield Defense is coming to both sides, giving several melee classes the option to wield a highly customizable shield in battle. It's emerged that shields will be able to bear cape patterns underneath their emblems, allowing for heraldic style designs.

Over at, a video has appeared showing the two new powersets in action. It's not very long, but it delivers the goods. We're pleased to see that Pain Domination looks every bit as gore-hued and dramatic as we'd have wished, and the Shields animations are slick. Check the video out at

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