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Dungeons & Dragons Online Module 8: The new player experience

Shawn Schuster

With the upcoming Module 8 for Dungeons and Dragons Online, the folks at Turbine were kind enough to give us a hands-on sneak peek into this impressive patch. We saw so much of the shiny that you can certainly expect more feature articles here at Massively concerning Module 8 in the near future, but for now, we wanted to focus on the new player experience for anyone looking to get into the game for the first time.

The new player experience in DDO's Module 8 has all changed. Take what you knew of the game before -- either at launch or during a trial period somewhere along the way -- and throw it out the window. The process has changed into something more easily-accessible to those people who want to get into the game, but aren't particularly familiar with Dungeons & Dragons rulesets. Don't worry though, for you hardcore advanced players, there's still options to completely customize your character as much as you'd like. Follow along in our new player experience with character creation features, and be sure to check out the Module 8 gallery linked below.

Gallery: DDO Module 8 New Player Gallery | 15 Photos

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