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Midway to can underperforming licensed titles

Jason Dobson

After trying to plug the many holes in its sinking ship with dollar bills, Midway has begun to frantically look about for anything to toss overboard in order to stay afloat. reports that the company plans to rid itself of any future titles based on unspecified licensed properties, though the specific brands and number of games swamped in this latest act of desperation remain unknown.

Interim CEO Matt Booty, who continues to steer the ship following the resignation of former CEO David Zucker, stresses that the company continues to evaluate its "involvement with underperforming projects" and focus on what it calls its "core properties." Even so, we've circled November 16 on our calendar, and will wait and see if Midway tries to drown the Man of Steel should next month's otherworldly slugfest with DC Comics not pan out.

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