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Noby Noby Boy is a PSN title

Majed Athab

Click for high-res Noby Noby

Noby Noby Boy (notice the subtle spelling change?) was at the Tokyo Game Show last week via an all-new trailer (posted after the break); however, we still weren't given a clear idea on what the game was all about. In fact, the teaser trailer only made things seem slightly more confusing than previously. Exactly what is Katamari creator Keita Takahashi doing with this PS3 exclusive? We've been wondering that for an entire year now.

While the trailer didn't give us much to work with, we still were able to get an NNB news bite to surface elsewhere. We refer to Sony's TGS press website listing Takahashi's new title as a downloadable PSN title. This may not come out as much of a surprise, judging from what little we've seen of NNB thus far -- which has been comprised mostly of simple designs. Takahashi's new IP sure does look interesting, but we're wondering why is it taking the game so long to actually reveal itself.


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