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    Nokia's Comes With Music gets scrutinized, sounds good so far

    Darren Murph

    If you're not in the UK, chances are that you haven't really paid attention to the teeny, tiny fact that Nokia's long-awaited Comes With Music download service launched today. Regardless of your ignorance to the facts, the all-you-can-eat music service has been activated for users across the pond who forked over the poundage for a CwM-equipped 5310 XpressMusic. Early impressions are actually pretty great, with critics finding themselves pleasantly surprised with just how intuitive the navigation was. MusicAlly did point out that these "free" tunes weren't transferable to blank CDs -- when they tried, they got a message notifying them of epic failure. At any rate, the reviews are sure looking good for Nokia right out of the gate, though only time will tell if people will take notice and buy into yet another music service.

    [Via CNET]

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