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Pole vault into exclusive Dragon Ball: Origins video and screens


Atari has provided us with an exclusive new Dragon Ball: Origins video focusing on Goku's arsenal of touch-controlled attacks using his Power Pole. They're all fairly self-explanatory -- the attacks all have various speed, distance and multiple-targeting advantages, and can be used to smack environmental objects in order to solve puzzles.

In addition to his proficiency with a stick, the little monkey boy is powerful on his own. Non-pole abilities include the Rush Attack (not to be confused with the Rush 'n Attack), in which Goku dashes straight into an enemy; the Power Punch, a combo punching attack; and, of course, the famous Ka-me-ha-me-ha, in which Goku throws an ancient Hawaiian king. If the video isn't enough Dragon Ball awesomeness for you, or even if it is, we've also got eight exclusive new screens in our gallery!


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