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Rumor: Bioshock PS3 includes 'Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams' teaser

Jem Alexander

BioShock snuck onto shelves this week, despite being previously scheduled for an October 24th release in Europe. As a result, some people have now beat the game which, apparently, unlocks a teaser trailer for BioShock 2: Sea Of Dreams. One N4G user has taken a few snapshots and will be uploading a video of the 15-second teaser soon. The snap shots show what appears to be a Little Sister, all grown up, standing on the shore with a Big Daddy plushy dangling from her hand.

This all seems true enough, but we've contacted 2K Games in order to get a statement, just in case. We'll let you know what they say. In the mean time, take a look at the screenshots and video listed on N4G. Look real to you?

[UPDATE] Video embedded above. Thanks TheWho!

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