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The Daily Grind: Has Warhammer Online dragged you away from the tabletop?

Tateru Nino

This last week, I had occasion to wander past the local Games Workshop store, longtime home of Warhammer Fantasy Battle/Warhammer 40K merchandise and related goods. I can't be said to venture within with any great frequency, but something particular caught my eye, and I was intrigued enough to duck in and talk to the staff. You see, uncharacteristically, the store was devoid of customers for the first time I had seen since it had opened.

I spoke with Todd, the store manager, who told me that it had been like that for a couple of weeks. Customers and sales had suddenly dropped off, leaving the store empty for hours at a time. Previously there were customers passing the time, discussing products and their collective hobby for extended periods, as well as making purchases. Without warning it had all dried up. Todd and I toyed with the speculation that perhaps his regular customers for miniatures and related paraphernalia had simply chosen to join the epic battle between Order and Chaos online instead of offline, but came to no real conclusion.

So, what about it, enlightened readers -- has Warhammer Online curbed your time with the tabletop and face-to-face versions of this popular game, or are you still the loyal grognards and figure-fans you always were?

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