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Capcom rewarded with first-ever branded PlayStation Store


Capcom is one of the most prolific PSN publishers out there, and Sony is rewarding their efforts with the first-ever branded PlayStation Store experience (see pic, above). "Out of all of the third-party companies making use of the digital space, [Sony] recognizes Capcom is one of the best partners for content," John Diamonon, product manager on all Capcom digital titles told Edge. "We're supporting PlayStation Network like no other company."

With releases like Mega Man 9 and Bionic Commando Rearmed, Capcom is one of the few publishers that has seen significant success in the digital realm. They want gamers to associate the Capcom brand with quality downloadable titles, and having a dedicated Capcom storefront within the PlayStation Store will only help their goal.

The Capcom-branded PlayStation Store should go live in November, and will be the first of a growing number of publisher portals. Obviously, this has Capcom quite excited, as this is something that Sony seems to be pursuing exclusively. "As far as Microsoft goes--how can I say this dimplomatically--there are things I think they'd like to do to promote content in multiple ways, and I think they'll get there eventually ... but they're not there yet."

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