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CCP Games highlights community efforts of EVE bloggers

James Egan

It's been pretty eventful lately in terms of EVE Online news. As a recap: the Quantum Rise expansion was announced, new features are on the way, the backstory was advanced through a new video, controversy and even outright rage ensued over disabling ghost training, a Quarterly Economic Newsletter was released, and there have been concerns over the future of EVE given Iceland's economic woes.

While some of these news items are mentioned in the latest EVE Online newsletter (aside from the ghost training fiasco), CCP Games has also given some attention to the EVE community itself, something Massively has been been taking note of as well. It seems our friend and EVE community puppetmaster David Perry (aka CrazyKinux) has just gotten the nod from CCP for his latest effort.

There's been quite a surge in EVE blogging activity lately, but how can someone keep up with over 100 blogs that deal with the sci-fi title? Enter: The EVE Blog Pack, essentially a collection of the best player blogs out there -- 30 in all -- put together and maintained by CrazyKinux. He's put a great deal of time into tracking down as many of the myriad EVE bloggers out there as possible, and linking them together into a more cohesive blogging community.

This is the first concerted effort to put together a real community effort on this scale, where the players can say what they want in a surprisingly supportive environment, free of moderation and conversely the forum venom that typically crops up on the official EVE forums. Despite being a relatively new thing in EVE, it's already picked up a great deal of momentum, with more players adding their voices every week.

There's something to be said for reading about the game from the perspective of the players themselves, and the Blog Pack runs the whole gamut of the EVE experience -- from 0.0 alliance players, to industrialists and traders, and especially pirates. Check out CrazyKinux's Blog Pack page for a listing of what he views as the best EVE blogs running, grouped together and easily subscribed to in Google Reader.

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