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Earn 5 fishing achievements today

Amanda Miller

The act of fishing, particularly if one does not find it relaxing, can seem frustrating and inspire impatience within the angler. It might surprise you then to learn that, with a little effort, you could earn five fishing achievements by the end of today, without worrying about rare drops.

  • "25 Fish": Catch 25 fish. If you have done this since patch 3.0.2 went live, then your next goal will be 50, and so on.
  • "The Old Gnome and the Sea": Successfully fish from a school/pool. This will have to be a pool of fish, not wreckage or water motes.
  • "The Scavenger": Fish one item up from each of the five wreckage schools to be discussed in this article. If this cannot be completed due to the inability to achieve a working 305 fishing skill, then you will be completing the achievement "50 Fish."
  • "Outland Angler": You must fish up one fish from each pool to be discussed in this article. If this cannot be completed due to low skill, you will be completing an achievement such as "Journeyman Fisherman."
  • "The Fishing Diplomat": Fish something up in both Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

Beginning with the easiest of the five, you are tasked with catching 25 of any type of fish. The count began when patch 3.0.2 released, so if you have already caught 25, your next goal will be 50, and so on. You can do this during your travels.

Before you head out for the day, head over to Orgrimmar if you are Horde, and Stormwind if you are Alliance. Fish up one fish, and make sure you loot it into your inventory.

You'll be taking a trip around Azeroth, so plan your route out ahead of time. "The Scavenger" asks you to successfully fish up one item from each of five wreckage schools around the world.

In order to complete this, you will need to reach at least a 305 fishing skill with gear, enchants, fishing rod bonuses, and lures, so hit the Auction House first if you need to. Don't worry, I have a plan for you if you can't manage the 305. From easiest to most difficult:

  1. Waterlogged Wreckage Pool: Desolace, Dustwallow Marsh, Alterac Mountains, Arathi Highlands or Stranglethorn Vale.
  2. Schooner Wreckage: Stonetalon Mountains, Ashenvale, Wetlands or Hillsbrad.
  3. Bloodsail Wreckage: Search the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, staying south of Grom'gol.
  4. Floating Wreckage: Azshara, Tanaris or Feralas.
  5. Steam Pump Flotsam: This is found throughout Zangarmarsh, and will require a minimum 305 skill after gear and lures. Stay to the east.
In your travels, did you notice a pool of fish? Any fish will do! Simply acquire a fish from any pool of any type of fish, and you'll instantly get the achievement "The Old Gnome and the Sea." I told you this was going to be easy!

If you cannot fish each wreckage pool, note that you will be catching 50 fish today instead of 25. While you are doing this, you can actually complete your fourth achievement as well. All you need to do is hit the next fishing skill level that allows you to train the next rank of fishing.
  • "Journeyman Fisherman": Skill 50.
  • "Expert Fisherman": Skill 125.
  • "Artisan Fisherman": Skill 225.
  • "Master Fisherman": Skill 275.
While those gaps may seem long, it will depend on how you close them. Feel free to sit in a major city and fish up junk and low-level cooking fish until you reach your goals. Alternatively, choose a province that has fish on par with your level, pack some lures, and start fishing from wreckage and fish pools. You'll make more money, and it will be more interesting.

For players who already have their highest fishing rank, you can complete "Outland Angler", and it is actually quite quick. You will, unfortunately, need to be able to fly to complete this achievement.
  1. Terokkar: Look for Brackish Mixed Schools in the rivers, as well as Schools of Darter. Then hop on your flying mount and visit one of the lakes above the Allerian or Stonebreaker outposts, or in the middle of Skettis for the Highland Mixed School.
  2. Nagrand: The lakes and rivers hold Mudfish and Bluefish Schools.
  3. Zangarmarsh: Look for Sporefish schools.
All that is left now is to finish up the second half of "The Fishing Diplomat." This is best done in a group, if only for the company. Alliance should enter Orgrimmar from the Western gate into the Valley of Spirits by taking the bridge from Ashenvale. Once in the Valley, head to the shallow pools of water and try to stay partially hidden by the buildings.

Horde can travel to Elwynn Forest and jump into the water surrounding Stormwind. Swim toward the city, and you will find a sheltered embankment from which you can fish.

Note that city guards are now level 75, you will likely have to die several times to reach your destination, and you might have to remain dead for a time until lingering members of the opposing faction get bored of waiting for you to resurrect.

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