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HP's longevous EliteBook 6930p gets reviewed, liked

Darren Murph

HP's ridiculously long lasting EliteBook 6930p just got done with a fresh round of torture testing from the savages over at PC Mag, and while their review unit didn't have the optimal processor for pulling an all-nighter (followed by an all-dayer) without even a lick of the AC outlet, critics did find the unit to be fairly impressive in most every other regard. It should be pointed out, however, that the review crew sure showed a lot of love to the ThinkPad T400, noting that Lenovo's machine deserved a "super-elite" status if the 6930p was worthy of being "elite." Comparisons aside, they were impressed with its performance in all-around computing and the "sleek yet rugged" design, but it still came up one red dot shy of a perfect score. Is it a fit for you? Depends on your needs, but chances are you'll have a much better idea after digesting the writeup in full down in the read link.

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