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KEF's C-Series speakers move downmarket, lose Uni-Q driver

Steven Kim

The point source Uni-Q driver that positions the midrange concentric with the tweeter has been a hallmark of KEF speakers for a long time. But times and budgets being what they are, the company's new entry-level C-Series of speakers have ditched the Uni-Q setup, but kept some high-profile features like 0.75-inch aluminum tweeters and gold-plated terminal strips bridging the dual binding posts. There's something for everyone in the line: the C1 and C3 (pictured) are monitors at $240 and $300 per pair, respectively; the C5 and C7 ($325 and $400 each) are for floorstander fans; if you've just got to have the exact same speaker all across the front the C6LCR ($250 each) is for you; and the C4 subwoofer will fill out the bass for $400. All available in any color, as long as it's black.

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