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NEC shows off 12.1-inch no-glasses-required 3D display

Darren Murph

One day, not too far off in the distant future, we have a dream that all 3D displays will be able to engross us in the third-dimension sans goggles. That these no-glasses-required 3D displays will be the rule, and not the exception. Till that fateful day arrives, however, we're still going to be impressed with ones similar to NEC's latest, a 12.1-incher with an SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. Reportedly, the outfit has developed the prototype screen to show off 3D material without requiring the viewer to ugly up their face with a set of those wonky glasses. There's no sign of a commercial release just yet, but we'll be keeping our naked eyes peeled just in case that changes.

[Via Tech-On]

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