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Online co-op in Resistance 2 might be too big [Update]


Who doesn't like a lengthy game? Resistance 2 is trying to give gamers an unprecedented amount of gaming content on one disc. The single player campaign, according to Insomniac, should clock in at 9-11 hours. It will take 18-24 hours to unlock all the single player Trophies. However, the much-loved online co-op mode will add another 10-15 hours of gameplay. If you want to level up your favorite class, expect to take 50-60 hours on that. And then, for the completionist, you'll want 150-180 hours to get all the upgrades for all three classes in online co-op.

Thank goodness you don't have to pay for online access on PSN, as we're sure there are going to be quite a number of people ready to take this MMO-like challenge. Also, we're glad we don't have to level up every class to unlock a Trophy -- that would've been disastrous.

Update: Corrected single player time estimates.

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