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Turbine's CEO talks consoles

Shawn Schuster

In continuing cross-platform MMO news, Turbine has expanded their views on plans to bring current and future projects to the console market. During a recent interview with Gamasutra, Turbine's CEO Jim Crowley spoke of the reasoning behind bringing MMOs to a console, and the future of the PC retail market.

Most of the recent push for console projects from otherwise PC-based games (like MMOs) arises for a few reasons. First, there's global allure. In the Eastern world, consoles are king. In order to appeal to that market, you need to bring your title to the platform which is most popular in a region with so many hardcore gamers. Secondly, as Crowley states, "There is irrefutable data that exists that [shows that] the willingness of retailers to support PC inventory has been decreasing with time." This isn't to say that Turbine believes the PC is a dying platform. "We have a wonderful business built on the PC platform; it's a growing and exciting business," he says.

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