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WRUP knows its real roots

Ross Miller

We return to the roots of Joystiq's WRUP series, celebrating one of the best examples of a "missing link" between handheld and home consoles. Nintendo's Virtual Boy wasn't exactly sure which one it was supposed to be; 13 years later, we're still not sure, either. Fun fact: Nintendo only shipped 800,000 of these worldwide. Compare that to the Nintendo DS' total sales of 2.41 gazillion units.
  • Alexander Sliwinski: I've got my first WoW raid in almost eight months tonight. It's time to prep for WotLK and relearn my Paladin. Probably get a couple more CivRev achievements (still need conquer on Deity). Otherwise, patiently awaiting Fable 2's arrival on Tuesday. I tried Amazon's new "release day" shipping, so I'm curious to see if it works.
  • Christopher Grant is turning Japanese-ah, I really think so. And truth be told, he's a very tall guy, so it might take awhile.
  • Griffin McElroy: I am currently nearing the end of Evidence: The Last Ritual (In Memoriam 2 for European readers), which, I believe it's worth noting, is much more terrifying than that Dead Space title my cohorts seem so infatuated with. I would wager that the antagonist of their game doesn't send them e-mails informing them that they are waiting just outside their door, anxiously awaiting the chance to turn their skin into some sort of hat.
  • Kevin Kelly: I'm jumping on the Dead Space bandwagon as well, and for some strange reason I started playing through the Halo 3 campaign again and I have no idea why. I'm also still trying to get the Bayonet for my Springfield Rifle in Call of Duty: World at War. Damn bolt-action gunplay!
  • Kyle Orland:
  • James Ransom-Wiley: With Dead Space put to rest (and the Phils just resting!), I'm clear to head out of town for the girlfriend's sister's law school family weekend -- that's right, folks, I'll be playing the new, WORLD EXCLUSIVE bonus content for the game of Life! In my absence, my best friend has volunteered to apartment-sit (a.k.a. shut himself in, pull the curtains, and finally sink into MGS4). Nothing quite like the first time, is there?
  • Jason Dobson: Finishing cleaning up the creepy crawlies cluttering up the Ishimura this weekend, as well as putting the finishing details on my Halloween costume. But what will Jason be?
  • Justin McElroy: OK, I think I'm finally going to crack open Dead Space. Also, I'm going to try to get some Warhammer Online. (Praag sever, Order side, I'm Amundsen, say "hi".)
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: I've got a deadline to work with this weekend. With my copy of Dead Space arriving on Monday, I'll have to clear out my survival-horror plate -- meaning Silent Hill Homecoming -- before Sunday calls it quits. When I'm not immersing myself in a corroded iron nightmare, I'll be traipsing through the more cheerful lands of Vesperia. And when real-time combat grows tiresome, I've always got my turn-based fodder to fall back on in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
  • Randy Nelson: I had been planning to scare myself silly playing Dead Space. Instead, I think I'll just do something silly in LittleBigPlanet. What? It's been delayed? But I have my boxed copy right here! Wow, this really is a rare gaming experience ... in more ways than one. [Ed. Note: All those in favor of beating Randy to a bloody pulp, say "I."]
  • Ross Miller will be jumping back-and-forth between Dead Space and -- not to take as much heat as Randy LittleBigHalfNelson -- Fallout 3.

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