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Zombies run amok in City of Heroes

Adrian Bott

Halloween has come early to City of Heroes. Among the now-traditional trick or treating, collecting temporary costume powers and hunting down roaming giant monsters, the dead have risen from their graves and are devouring the living. Both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles have been affected. Reports mention tattered undead who have a strange resemblance to real-life celebrities, as well as Elite Boss 'Nightmares' who seem to be in command.

Players may be wondering why this sudden outbreak of ravaging zombies has happened with Halloween still some time away. An eyewitness from HeroCon has shed some light on the timing of the invasion: 'After dinner, Positron got up and told us that there were lots of cool things ahead--but he couldn't tell us about them. Everyone was calling him a big tease. So in order to placate the mob, he turned to Heather and asked if she could call Ops and have them unleash the zombies right then.'

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