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ASTRA sees 30% increase in HD channels over three months

Darren Murph

We usually try to skim right over meaningless gloating from companies, but ASTRA's latest back-patting is actually something worth a round of golf claps. As you all well know, Europe suffers from a comparative dearth of HD options when eyed beside the USA, but it seems as if that disparity is fading. Over the past three months, the ASTRA satellite system has increased the amount of HD channels it carries to 55 -- a 30% boost. The bird beams out offerings for carriers like Sky (UK), CanalSat (France), Premiere (Germany), Digital+ (Spain), Viasat (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland), Canal Digitaal (Netherlands), etc. According to Alexander Oudendijk, Chief Commercial Officer of SES ASTRA, the "rapid growth in the number of HD channels clearly shows that HDTV is taking off in Europe." We hope you're right, sir.

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