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Gaming to Go: Kirby: Canvas Curse


The beach is awesome. The life of a game blogger is a difficult one, my friends, so it's nice to step away from the monitor, sink into the white sands and catch up on that glorious invention known as sleep. Such a relaxing week could only bring good things, and I'm incredibly pleased to say it did: it gave good David a chance to talk about Electroplankton, one of the DS's most eccentric titles, and it gave me a chance to give the Kirby series a go.

You can imagine my delight, then, to finally gets my sandy hands on one of the DS's premiere platformers, to see how one cute and cuddly pink ball can inspire so much adoration. Kirby has made a number of appearances on everyone's favorite handheld, but this week's edition of Gaming to Go will be focusing on the first time the prolific cake eater showed his face on the portable. Kirby: Canvas Curse, in case you haven't given it a go, is all about drawing. You'll use the stylus exclusively to fling our spherical friend through many different adventures, all of which are short, colorful, and an absolute blast to play. Want to hear more? Point your stylus at the big button down there and race on to the next page!


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