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LG Lotus, Samsung Rant and Highnote now available from Sprint

Chris Ziegler

Those crazy new Samsungs and LGs (well, LG singular) reppin' Sprint's fall lineup have dropped into stores dressed and ready for retail, and text fanatics are definitely the ones making out like bandits here. Starting out on the low end, the Samsung Rant drops by for $49.99 on contract in your choice of red or black, giving the LG Rumor some solid competition and upping the ante with EV-DO. The Highnote, also a fruit of Samsung's powerful loins, rocks the music angle with an integrated loudspeaker that functions as the second slide of a dual-sliding mechanism -- it runs $99.99 on contract in red or blue. Finally, the Lotus from LG takes the whole clamshell concept and flattens it out a bit, making room for a full QWERTY keyboard underneath along with a landscape display. It's available in purple (and not just any purple -- fancy purple) or black for $149.99 on contract.

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