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One of Warhammer's cut classes won't be coming back

Michael Zenke

Eurogamer notes, from an interview they did with Mythic's Mark Jacobs last week, a reality that may frustrate Orc and Dwarf fans: one of the two remaining 'cut' classes will not be returning to Warhammer Online. In the interview, Jacobs is up front about the reality that either the Dwarf Hammerer or Orc Chopper will not be returning to the game. As he put it, "well, one of them we hope to put back in. I can't tell you which yet, that's a surprise. We're probably going to be replacing one and putting in another class in its place. But we'll be talking about that in a few months."

This follows closely on the heels of his announcement last week that the Knights of the Blazing Sun and Black Guard will make a triumphant return to the game in the month of December. The Knight and Guard are tanking classes, and the news of their return is great news indeed. The Hammerer and Chopper are DPS classes for their specific factions. We couldn't get much in the way of information on them for our 'every class explained' guide, but this is what Adam and Josh had to say about them: "The general class role is that of the momentum berserker-brawler. They build up fury, bounce from target to target, destroying all in their paths."
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