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Rumor: E3 2009 open to the public, happening in June


There is speculation popping up from several different places this evening that E3 2009 will be held in June at the Los Angeles Convention Center and be open to the public. G4 ran a piece this evening on X-Play (embedded after the break) that the event will be held June 2-4. N'Gai Croal of Newsweek received similar information from a source, but also adds that the event will be open to the public on June 5-6 and the event will be capped at 40,000 attendees. Both G4 and Croal claim an official E3 2009 announcement will be made tomorrow. Just to be very clear, at this point all this information is merely rumor and speculation from sources. The ESA has not made an official statement.

We contacted the ESA a few hours ago when we were only aware of the G4 piece running this evening and were informed: "There will be a 2009 E3 and we will announce the details at the appropriate time." At the time the ESA said it had no idea what information G4 was planning to reveal and hadn't commented on the piece.

We've contacted the ESA for any official statement and will update as soon as we receive it.

Update: Croal has amended his piece to say that the E3 weekend dates, set aside for the public, "may have been incorrect."

Source - E3 2009 To Take Place During First Week of June, Be Open To the Public, Attendance Capped At 40,000 [Newsweek]
Source - E3 Returning To Past Size And Spectacle In 2009 [G4]

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