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The Mobiado 105CLB: Louis Vuitton fakery at Louis Vuitton prices

Chris Ziegler

So the less-exciting news out of luxo-phone shop Mobiado today is that it has recrafted its 105EM candybar in two new bank-busting "Special Edition" shades: red (trimmed with 24 karat gold, naturally) and white. The more exciting news, though, clearly has to be the 105EM CLB Series, trimmed in Mobiado's "designer monogram" -- also known as "Louis Vuitton's monogram, minus the LV, plus some random Ms and lions and crap". They've got quadband EDGE and some form of UMTS-based 3G on the 850 and 2100MHz bands, featuring a 2-megapixel cam, "more than 1GB" of onboard storage, and all the faux pretension you can handle. No word on pricing or availability, but in the meantime, we can think of a few other creative ways to blow exorbitant wads of cash.

Read - 105EM Red
Read - 105EM White
Read - 105CLB Silver
Read - 105CLB Black

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