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A new HD tide is rising at VUDU

Ben Drawbaugh

It's no secret that we're hard on VUDU around here. It isn't that we don't like the service, it's just that our expectations are so high. One of our biggest complaints has been the relatively limited selection of HD movies, but apparently that has changed recently. We follow a weekly post that lists the new HD movies on the various download services and had become very accustomed to the Apple TV adding more movies than any other. That was until a few weeks ago. Starting on the week of October 3rd, VUDU started to outpace the Apple TV, and this week released an astonishing 153 new HD offerings in one week. This is almost three times as many movies in one week as VUDU has ever added before, and way more than the 37 movies added to Apple TV's HD movie lineup or the 20 movies added to Blu-ray -- no, TV shows weren't counted. As of today, Vudu offers 553 HD movies, which is still less than the number of Blu-ray titles available (around 1000) or the Apple TV at 684. So at this rate, both Vudu and the Apple TV are on track to surpass Blu-ray's title count. But unfortunately, neither seem to be getting many of the new releases in HD day-and-date with DVD -- like Iron Man and Indiana Jones, which are due on Vudu in mid November. Now if only VUDU addressed the rest of our concerns, like the 24 hour window, the HDMI requirement, no lossless audio, and the $300 box that only does one thing.

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