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DirecTV DVR software update hits the stage again, now with slightly less fail


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That botched DirecTV software update a couple weeks ago that locked up DVRs everywhere, causing missed shows, global warming, spousal abuse and general melancholy amongst the populace? It's back and locking up boxes across the land again, however this time, after rebooting their HR2x units and wondering how they'll go on without a DVR'd episode of this afternoon's Judge Judy, DirecTV subs will be greeted with a message proclaiming them the proud owners of a 1080p video on-demand capable set-top box, with improved "cellphone style" search via the remote and enhanced channel guide info including more actors. We probably can't expect more than another apology letter from the satcaster, but tell us, does knowing what all this pain was for make it any easier?

[Thanks to Chris for the pic & everyone who sent this in]

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