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India's Big TV grabs 500,000 subscribers in two months

Darren Murph

It took AT&T years to hit the magical half million mark here in the USA with U-verse TV; for India's Big TV, it has taken two short months. Oh sure, that comparison involves a hint of apple with a slice of orange, but still, it's an impressive feat no matter how you spin it. The DTH satellite arm of Reliance Communications has managed to secure 500,000 customers since launching in August, and with that kind of cash inflow, we have a pretty good feeling about it being able to maintain expansion plans. If all goes well, the lineup will blossom from 200 to 400 next year, it will offer DVR services by the year's end and it will launch 15 to 20 high-def channels by "mid-2009." Kudos, Big TV -- now, what's it going to take to get those HD options out a few months ahead of schedule?

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