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The Star Wars / BioWare announcement is just hours away

Michael Zenke

We're just hours away from the highly anticipated announcement of the BioWare/LucasArts project most gamers expect to be a Knights of the Old Republic MMO. We here at Massively has been waiting for this day ... oh, for years. More recently, though, we've had some more concrete elements to talk about. Ever since the July confirmation of the project by EA's head, we've been very busy thinking, plotting, and planning. Our own Kyle Horner has explored theorycrafting, wondering about planets that might appear in the game and ways that non-Jedi might counter their force-using fellow players. Craig Withers explored the game's possibilities as well, talking about what he wants to see.

We've also heard quite a bit from you! We've asked you what class you want to play, and what game design components you want to see. We'll finish this quickie wrapup with IGN's "Top Ten Things We All Want to See in a KOTOR MMO", and ask that you come back in about six hours to follow along with Massively's coverage of this fantastic event!

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