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Wii Fanboy Review: Tetris Party


Tetris Party on WiiWare is classic Tetris action. If you're expecting some kind of re-imagining or complete overhaul to the classic game, then you won't find it. What you will find is a very competent installment in the series, complete with several fun and exciting single-player modes and a very streamlined approach to playing online. If you're a fan of Tetris, then you're going to like what's here in Tetris Party.


Tetris Party has a wealth of worth in both its single player and multiplayer offerings. On the single player front, you can choose from Beginner's Tetris (a simplified version of the game with bigger blocks), Marathon (non-stop Tetris action), Computer Battle (take the CPU on head-to-head), Field Climber (help a little man climb the Tetris pieces to the top of the grid), Shadow (fill in an object using Tetris pieces) and Stage Racer (speed-based challenge where you must complete stages using Tetriminos). There's plenty here for you to sink your teeth into, ensuring that your $12 gets you plenty of gameplay. Then there's the Balance Board game, but you've already seen enough of that to know what's up. On the multiplayer side, there's just as much fun to be had.

Whether you're playing local or online multiplayer, you're going to get the great, classic Tetris action you know and love. On the local side, you and some friends can take part in classic Tetris fun face-to-face. The real bread and butter, however, is going to be the online play. It's just so streamlined and basic that getting in, playing games, and having fun is just so easy!

When you connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect, you will see an area for news and tournament information. There isn't anything there now, but in the future, you'll be able to participate in tournaments and get the latest info without leaving your couch. On top of that, there's the fun of actually playing.

Once you start searching for an opponent, you'll be dropped into a lobby screen where you can enjoy some Tetris while waiting for an opponent to connect. Once they do, all that's needed is a simple press of the + button and you're off. Once complete, you can opt to stay in the room and play again or leave. It's incredibly simple and very good for those who don't have a ton of time to sit around waiting for a game to start. It ensures you spend less time waiting and more time playing.

It may just be Tetris, which is kind of "been there, done that," but Tetris Party impressed me. The price might be a bit too high compared to similar experiences on WiiWare, but, overall, the game is very deserving of your hard-earned cash. And if you decide to get the game and are looking for some folks to play, check out Game Night, where we're sure to be clearing some lines!

Final score: 8.5/10

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