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Artist David Nakayama joins City of Heroes team

Adrian Bott

Comics artist David Nakayama, who has done an immense amount of work for Draw the World Together, has joined the NCsoft NorCal team as a concept artist for City of Heroes. The official announcement was made at HeroCon, where David was also making character sketches for the lucky contest winners.

David's no stranger to the CoX universe, having drawn several of the comics that came out as accompaniment to the MMO and worked on art for the trading card game. His recent work also includes projects for Marvel Comics, including an upcoming series written by Chris Claremont. The addition of a concept artist of David's calibre at this stage in the game's life is an exciting development and raises some questions.

As yet, we don't know exactly what sort of content David will be providing concept work for, whether it's additions (in the usual free issue format) or something else. It's been observed that there are now three concept artists on the City of Heroes team, whereas a year ago there were none (the other two being Nate van Dyke and Carolina Tello Alvarado).

With Alex 'Lighthouse' Von Minden alluding to new announcements in the pipeline - 'we have some other news this week besides Issue 13, but you'll have to wait to find out' - and now this prestigious new hire, City of Heroes players will be wondering just what their development team is planning.

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